We are a post production house run by a collective community of talented editors, sound mixers, musicians and producers based in Culver City, CA. With relationships with post facilities in many cities, we are ready to partner up with you no matter where you are.

Our company was founded and is run by a group of longtime friends and creative colleagues who share a commitment to do what they do with passion. We have created a welcoming work space where our team and clients feel comfortable and inspired to contribute.

Staying true to the importance of giving back is an essential component of our model. Our goal is to make the lives of people in need a little better. We achieve this goal by donating a portion of each project to different charities, by donating our services and by volunteering our time as a group to help causes.

Executive Producer
Mariana Mucci

Executive Producer - Sound
Soledad Ramos

Producer - Editorial / Graphics
Liza Cortez

Producer - Sound
Natalie Leon

8579 Higuera Street
Culver City, CA 90232